Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most common questions about the Care.Card UX Contest below. If you can not find the answer of your question, feel free to contact us by email.
What is the Care.Card Design Contest about?
The Care.Card Contest is a competition for creative minds from all over the world to design prototypes for Care.Cards, integral dApps that allow users to experience accessible and efficient healthcare like never before.
How do I enter?
Complete the registration form at and submit your project by October 4, 2019.
What Care.Card do I need to build for the contest?
Design a winning How Are You Feeling Today (HAYFT) Care.Card! This Card gives a user a daily question to answer about his/her health and/or wellness that quickly documents how he/she feels and why. As the Card user, you should be able to easily see and understand your health roadmap and be able to share it with your provider, family, friends, and others who care about you or are responsible for giving care to you.
What languages, skills, and technology do I need to participate?
All ambitious UX and UI designers are invited to take part. Care.Cards should be created in English.
Who will evaluate my submission?
The Care.Card Design Contest winners will be selected by a jury of prominent UX and UI designers and healthcare industry executives who are experts in their domains.
How many winners will be selected in the contest?
There will be three winners.
If I win, how will I receive my prize money?
Solve.Care Contest team will contact you to choose the best option for you.
If I have a question regarding the Contest, where can I send them?
Please contact us at [email protected]
Who can participate in the Care.Card Design Contest?
All ambitious UX and UI designers are invited to take part
What is a Care.Card?
Care.Card is an intelligent application that automates healthcare processes inside Care.Wallet ecosystem, built to administrate and facilitate care delivery. For more details, please read Solve.Care official lightpaper.
How many Care.Cards should I design?
You are welcome to submit as many HAYFT Care.Card design prototypes as you want.
What is the timeline of the contest?
  • Registration – Aug 20 – Oct 4
  • Submission – Sep 10 – Oct 8
  • Judging – Oct 9 – Oct 16
  • Winners Announced – Oct 17
How do judges review and evaluate the submissions?
The judges evaluate the following:
  • User flow: Does the user know where to start? Is the path from start to finish clearly defined?
  • Design: Does the Care.Card have an aesthetically pleasing visual design using the proper color palette?
  • Content: Does the Care.Card have accurate, engaging content, appropriate for its target audience?
  • Information Architecture: Does the Card.Card have clear navigation, understandable labeling, and well-defined iconography?
  • Presentation: How well was the idea presented?
  • Creativity: Does the Cate.Card include creative ideas?
What are the prizes?
All the winners will get their prizes the following way:
1st place winner will receive $3000 USD.
2nd place winner will receive $2000 USD.
3rd placewinner will receive $1000 USD.
Who owns the materials I submit?
All materials and documents developed and created by you in relation to the Contest shall become the intellectual property of Solve.Care, subject to international law.