The Care.Card Design Contest is a unique online competition for UX and UI designers from all over the world. It gives you the chance to improve healthcare for yourself, your parents, children, friends, and colleagues. Get exposure to top UX and UI experts and influencers. Unleash your creativity for the future of healthcare and make the design that changes lives.

Get a chance to take home our 1st place cash prize of $3,000! Join the Care.Card Design Contest today!

Imagine that there’s an app that lets you know how your mom is feeling from day to day. Now imagine that within the same app you can set up a doctor’s visit for her, if you notice anything abnormal. Imagine even being able to book a ride for her. All of this in a single mobile app. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

The Care.Card Design Contest is the opportunity for you to create a smooth and intuitive user experience for better healthcare outcomes for your loved ones.

On the base of the revolutionary blockchain ecosystem of the Care.Wallet mobile app, you can design your very own HAYFT (How Are You Feeling Today) Care.Card to track, impact, and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of those you care about.

The future of healthcare starts today with your participation in the Care.Card Design Contest!


All ambitious UX and UI designers are invited to take part. The contest is organized by Solve.Care, a global healthcare-on-blockchain platform that is recognized within the industry and known for cooperating with some of the world’s biggest brands such as Lyft.

Never heard about the Care.Card Design Contest? Check out how it went last year in this video.


Enter online using the application form! Then, submit it for the chance at design and healthcare industry recognition, prize fund, and the opportunity to change healthcare for generations to come!
Aug 20
Oct 21
Sep 10
Oct 22
Oct 23
Oct 30
Winners Announcement
Oct 31


  • 1st Place Abhas Bhargava $3000
  • 2st Place Alina Rapp $2000
  • 3st Place Anastasia Teslenko $1000

Top 10 prototypes

  • Amaan Awati and Sagarika Chadawar
  • Alex Gilinskyi
  • Andy Pham
  • Antonina Matiienko
  • Artem Kysylov
  • Igor Adamenko
  • Ira Andreyeva
  • Karolina Kolodziej
  • Nadya Felisha
  • Roman Sheludko

Why participate

Have a real-life impact on the state of global healthcare
Be exposed to famous UX and UI designers
Receive Professional mentorship during the contest
Get recognition on design platforms, in healthcare media, and on Solve.Care corporate channels
Discover UX and UI design job opportunities at Solve.Care
Why participate

HAYFT Card (How Are You Feeling Today)

Do your parents live far away from you, but you still want to keep track of their health? Does your family member have a chronic disease, which requires careful monitoring?

The HAYFT (How Are You Feeling Today) card is to be made with your elderly parents, young children, family, and friends in mind. It must be easy to use for everyone. The purpose of the card is to let your mom, dad, child, friend, husband, or wife effortlessly answer a daily question about their health and wellness, quickly documenting how they feel. In the card, it must be intuitive for them to understand their health roadmap. They must be able to share their own health observations with a doctor, family member, friend, or anyone who cares about them or is responsible for providing care to them.

Get creative! Provide and submit as many HAYFT Care.Card design prototypes as you can. The more submissions you make, the better chance you have to win in the Care.Card Design Contest.

How to win

Step 1
Register here before October 21
Step 2
Participate in the requirements session
Step 3
Design your finest Care.Card
Step 4
Submit you clickable prototype before October 22
Step 5
Get acknowledged by the jury and win one of the prizes


The Care.Card Design Contest winners will be selected by a jury of prominent UX and UI designers and healthcare industry executives who are experts in their domains.
Melissa Douros
Melissa Douros
Industry leader, 15+ years in UX/UI/CX design, 3-years as WebAward Judge
Eric Reiss
CEO at FatDUX Group
Martina Mitz
UX Psychologist, Strategist and Designer
Dorjan Vulaj
UX/UI professional, influencer, one of Top 7 Designers Worth Following
Lizzie Kelly-Dyson
Co-Founder of Ladies That UX (LTUX), which promotes women in the UX industry

Judging criteria

The Care.Card Design Contest is open for all UX and UI designers. Each designer’s prototype will be evaluated by the jury according to the following criteria:
User flow
Does the user know where to start? Is the path from start to finish clearly defined?
Does the card have an aesthetically pleasing visual design using a proper color palette?
Information Architecture
Does the card have clear navigation, understandable labeling, well-defined iconography?
Does the card have accurate, engaging content, appropriate for its target audience?
How the idea was presented?
Does the card include creative ideas?
Have any questions?
You can find useful information in the following documents: Terms and Conditions, FAQ. Also, feel free to contact the contest team.

About the organizer

Solve.Care Foundation was established with the goal of revolutionizing healthcare administration and other benefit programs globally. Solve.Care’s mission statement is to “Make healthcare and benefit programs work better for everyone.” This healthcare-on-blockchain platform brings a relationship-centric approach to care coordination, administration, and payments, and addresses all three pillars of healthcare: clinical, administrative and financial.

Solve.Care platform is designed to enable insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals and providers, pharmacies, and businesses to build care coordination and delivery networks and engage their stakeholders through ground-breaking innovations such as Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.Coins, Care.Vault and Care.Protocol.

Solve.Care is acknowledged the Most Innovative Blockchain Project according to the Blockchain Life 2019 Award.

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